Property and real estate law

The legal regulation of real estate is very diverse. In the field of real estate law, we deal with contracts of sale, loan and mortgage agreements, leasehold, condominium regulations, housing association problems, among others, while in the field of property acquisition, we should highlight gifts, sales, inheritance, matrimonial property law.

In the event of marriage, more and more people are taking advantage of the possibility of sharing the property as joint property on a pro rata basis. This in itself raises further legal issues: the shares of ownership themselves must be registered in the Land Registry, which is a public record of the fact that there are several owners of the property. This is a matter that can be settled in a non-litigious procedure, but it is also an important legal step for spouses and third parties, even in the case of a sale. It is also important in the event of a divorce, as its authenticity makes it clear that the parties have a stake in the property, which the court can rely on without further evidentiary proceedings. In addition, of course, registration can also provide security for the parties.

In the case of the transfer of property itself, it is obligatory to appoint a lawyer with legal expertise in order to ensure its success, as there are high values and livelihood issues at stake. By entrusting the management of this to a person with legal expertise, the legislator places the conduct and outcome of the matter in safer hands. In the case of leases, although it is not necessary to use a lawyer, it is recommended, as either as landlord or tenant, a document issued by a lawyer can be used as evidence in disputes.

It is also important to pay attention to the details of the rules, including the provisions on the obligation to pay the duty, as the law narrows the scope of those who are entitled to a relief from the duty, such as direct relatives, spouses and half-sisters. This is why it is advisable to hire a professional who is well versed in the law and properly trained in order to find out the details of the rules.

As part of its classic legal practice, our office provides the review of rights and facts relating to real estate, the drafting of contracts for the sale and lease of real estate, the administration of land registry procedures and legal advice on related tax and duty matters.

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