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Our office has a comprehensive knowledge about criminal law and civil legislation, at the same time, specialization is vital for the lawyer to providing his service on the highest standard possible, and to being always up-to-date. Law is alive, therefor it does not enough to know the rules of law. A deep background knowledge and special preparedness is necessary to be able to lay down a map of the case and representing it on the highest level.

Criminal Law

Our Office is working with direction of criminal cases more than ten years. Our Law Firm undertakes full scale advising and representation in the economic crimes area (Economic Fraud, Failure to Comply with the Obligation to Supply Economic Data, Breach of Accounting Regulations, Concealment of Assets for Avoiding a Liability, Fraudulent Bankruptcy, Budget Fraud etc.). There are several outer advisors and experts who are helping our work not only with their legal knowledge but with other special expertise (tax advisor, economist), too. In these kind of crimes, the job of the defender is not limited to know the criminal code and the criminal proceeding very well; beside that for advising and representing, deep knowledge is needed from other fields which are available for the lawyer only if he specialize himself on this field.

Concealment of Assets for Avoiding a Liability:
Criminal Code. 405. § (1) Any person who conceals his assets serving as cover for a debt existing under a contract made in writing, and thereby prevents settlement of the debt in full or in part is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment not exceeding one year.
(2) Any person who engages in the conduct defined in Subsection (1) in connection with assets serving as cover for debts arising from business operations is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment not exceeding three years.
(3) The penalty shall be imprisonment between one to five years if the criminal offense described in Subsection (2) is committed in respect of a particularly considerable or greater value.
(4) The perpetrator shall not be punishable for concealment of assets if the debt is settled before the indictment is filed.

This crime is committed by who conceals his assets serving as cover for a debt existing under a contract made in writing in a way which has deleterious effect on clearing of a claim.
The act earlier penalized by the state of affairs of the bankruptcy fraud in the new Criminal Code was draw together in this state of affairs, too.
Our Law Firm has also great deal of experience in the field of foreign currency loan lawsuits, transactions with loan and credit agreements, proceeding of distrainings. We are intensively concerned with this continuously changing area of the law since 2014.
Our Office can handle medical malpractice lawsuits also. This kind of cases need special knowledge again, and the professional background is indispensable. For that reason, among our colleagues there are experts not only with experience as prosecuting attorney or police officer, but experts who are working in healthcare, too. They can provide professional answers in medical questions to support the comprehensive legal representation.
Certainly, we provide professional legal help for doctors, too if there is an ongoing claim for compensation or criminal case against them in connection with their activities. Besides that, we can provide full scale legal representation in other criminal cases, too.

Main criminal law state of affairs:

Any person who uses (aim) – deceit, – deception, or trickery (perpetration attitudes) for unlawful financial gain against somebody, and thereby causes damage is guilty of a fraud (outcome).
Any person who – unlawfully appropriates, – or disposes of as his own a thing with which he has been entrusted, is guilty of an embezzlement.
Forgery of Administrative Documents:
Any person who – prepares a forged administrative document or falsifies the contents of an administrative document, uses a falsified or forged administrative document or an administrative document issued under the name of another person, (corporeal forgery of administrative documents) – collaborates in the inclusion of false data, facts or declarations in an administrative document regarding the existence, changing or termination of a right or obligation (intellectual forgery of administrative documents) is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment not exceeding three years.
Any person who – engages in the written or oral publication of anything that is injurious to the good name, – or reputation of another person, – or uses an expression directly referring to such a fact, is guilty of a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment not exceeding one year.

Corporate Law

Our Law Firm is working on knowing and understanding the business activities operating in the area of economy and the corporate cultures, and we have great deal of experience in the field of corporate law. Our activities involve the making and modification of partnership contracts of Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies, General Partnerships and Share Companies, as well as countersigning of documents and registry court administration in connection with company foundation (modification).

IMPORTANT: Obligatory legal representation If you are planning to establish a Kft. (Limited Liability Company), Kkt. (General Partnership), Bt. (Limited Partnership), Rt. (Share Company) or Nyrt. (Public Limited Company), or if you want to make a Cooperative, the Registry Court proceedings and document editing has to be done by a lawyer!

Besides that, our Office can assist you in further areas, too:
- Extensive management of corporate issues
- Capital increases, dividends
- Transformations
- Final settlement
- Making of inner policies
- Other questions connecting to managing activity and managing director’s responsibilities - Economy law, tax- and assessment law procedures

At active companies we are taking part in transfer of corporate interests, business shares and shares, mergers and acquisitions of whole companies (M&A), too:
- Full scope document editing (Bylaws/Organizational and operational rules, too)
- Company screening
- Making of syndicate agreements

IMPORTANT: Syndicate agreement Under the prevailing law there is no regulation about an agreement named as syndicate agreement. Therefore, it does not contain any instruction about its concept and the consequences of its creation, termination, violation. For this reason, it has great importance of commissioning a lawyer who knows the judicial practice (governing law Supreme Court Gf. VII. 30.058/1997. – BH Year of 1998. No. 89.), and also has experience with creating this kind of agreements.

Family Law

One of Our Law Firm’s expertise are the divorce cases and settling domestic conflicts, too. In such cases, our priority is to be as quick and forbearing as possible it is. Our Law Firm has a decent experience in arranging amicable arrangements, out of court settlements at property law cases. At the same time commission in a lawsuit is also in our working profile.

IMPORTANT: How long does a divorce suit take? The marriage on the first hearing can be dissolved only if – with mutual consent, too – the mediation has no result and there is no born infant child in the marriage, or the child is already of full age and the parents reached an agreement about his alimony. The appointing of the first hearing can be about three months after the filing of a complaint (of course it is depending on the number of the cases at the judging court). If the marriage can’t be dissolved on the first hearing, within 30 days one of the party to the case has to apply separately for the continuing of the case. After that, the second hearing can be held also within three months.

About Us

Das Büro wurde von Dr. Balázs Téglásy in 2005 gegründet, der derzeit auch der Chefanwalt des Büros ist. The Law Firm was established by Dr. Balázs Téglásy in 2005, who is the leading lawyer of the law firm since then. The working scope of the Law Firm involves different areas of the civil law, criminal law, economy law and corporate law. It’s range of activity consists managing tasks of establishing, operating and dissolving economic companies, as well as the legal commission in connection with properties, or directing civil cases or actions outside the court system. The other main profile of our Office for years is the representation as appointed counsel, or with letter of attorney in criminal proceedings for economic, traffic or other crimes in criminal law cases. We are representing the debtors in significant number of foreign currency loan lawsuits and we are dealing with proceeding of distrainings related to this cases countrywide.
Our Law Firm supports our clients in representation of economic corporations, as carrying daily tasks as well as constructing mid- and long term contracts or carrying along unique projects, too.

Dr. Téglásy Balázs

Attorney at Law
Head of Law Firm